3 thoughts on “Pemberville Free Fair

  1. Only redeemed by the fact it is in Ohio, so travelling there should be inexpensive. Careful to stay awake while driving. Sing aloud. Or, tell yourself you’re headed some place fun.

  2. I’m much more excited by the “old time Italian procession to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church” in the first ad, along with “women’s bocce” and the ever-popular-in-New-Philadelphia “Amateur Wine.”

    • Good catch, Vickie. Remember though, we are focusing on things NOT worth free here. If you have a candidate to contribute, by all means please post! I am on the same wavelength with you though. IMHO, any Italian Fest will always be worth free. Except for the time the power went out on the one in Little Italy (Cleveland, Aug. 2003).

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